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Exeter Music and Sound Forum, Weds 16th May, 7.30pm

The next Exeter Music & Sound Forum will be on Wednesday 16th May at 7.30pm in the Phoenix's Meeting Room. All welcome.
Please let me know of any burning issues you'd like to share with us at the Forum: successes, frustrations, challenges, ideas, good or bad experiences, ambitions etc and we'll take the Forum from there.
Personally, I'd still like to hear how the pianists' 'piano for Exeter' action is progressing, and it would be great to hear about the new plans for Exeter's Cultural Partnership and how that might relate to us. Let me know if you can speak on either of these.
At the last meeting on 8th March Tom Glazebrook came to share his exciting project 'Meta-Harmony'. Tom is a recent graduate from Leeds College of Music currently exploring the structures of musical harmony visually. Meta-Harmony is a project Tom has been developing for three years, it concerns the structure of western music as one shape that can either be broken down into smaller chunks or digested as a whole. It’s colourful, beautiful and graspable at any level. All the theoretical development of the project is done and now Tom is looking to explore how this project could be applied outside of music study.

 Does it have potential as an art installation or community project?  Where can it add value? Tom invites people to a brainstorm on how this project could be realised in different contexts at Kaleider this Friday April 20th at 1pm. https://kaleider.com/events/https-kaleider-com-events-lunchtime-tal...
Also at the last meeting we discussed various ways that the Forum can operate. We recognised that not all topics will be of central interest to everybody, but that at the same time, hearing from musicians and people working outside our own areas of interest can be fascinating, informative and even inspiring. We agreed that the Forum is primarily a meeting-place, and it's great to know that quite a lot of collaborations have sprung up because of Forum encounters. Some people prefer to keep the Forum open as a networking event with topics arising spontaneously, and other people prefer to know the topics that are going to be discussed in advance and find that motivates them to attend. So let's do both. We'll have one or two headline items planned in advance, but we'll also open the floor to people who want to propose a conversation/presentation on the night. If appropriate, we might break into special-interest groups - so people can decide which conversation to pursue. The deal is that we are all free to move on to a different conversation at any time - to save any of us from blind alleys we might have unwittingly walked down.
Best wishes
Emma Welton

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Comment by Cedric Peachey on April 19, 2018 at 17:40

I'm a complete newbie, having moved last month to East Devon from London, where I was a long-standing member and, more recently, Chair, of London Composers Forum (http://www.forumcomposers.org.uk/).  I'd like to explore the opportunities and resources available in East Devon for contemporary classical music.  Could you confirm that the venue for the meeting on 16th May is Bradninch Place, Gandy Street?  I'm hoping to drive in - is there parking nearby?  Cheers & thanks, Cedric

Comment by Emma Welton on April 19, 2018 at 17:49

Hi Cedric. Welcome! Great to find you here. Yes, Exeter Phoenix is at that address. Do come and meet us. We have quite a few composers and performers of contemporary music among us. Parking in central Exeter will have to be in city centre carparks but it won't be far to walk. I, for one, look forward to meeting you. Emma

Comment by Cedric Peachey on April 19, 2018 at 21:11

Many thanks for your reply and welcome, Emma.  I look forward to joining your gathering!  Cedric

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