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Dear everyone,
we have just reached 301 members of the ECP ning.
Thank you all for engaging and showing your support for the cultural sector in the city.

So, it's great to see this ning site starting to be populated and people sharing their work, documentation and discussions. You'll have seen that a direct outcome has been the formation of the Exeter Visual Arts Forum, as we share the agenda and minutes from each meeting here. I'd like to prompt you to think about a couple of things:

  • We're all cultural producers and stakeholders here, but who else in your networks, which of your colleagues, is not on this site? Whose voice isn't in the conversation? Please send them an invitation and extend a welcoming hand to them. The turnout to the EVAF meetings has shown that we are all interested in shaping the culture of the city we live in and that sometimes it takes asking for us to feel we have license to contribute (ie not everyone is pushy and gobby like me!).
  • The EVAF has also shown that there is a groundswell of interest in identifying with fellow-artists and that a specific forum can be used to air issues and pursue threads of enquiry which might usually bog down a broader cultural gathering. We don't have a budget, so by moving venues and relying on goodwill for refreshments we support each other and share the burden. All discussions are also shared here, making it as transparent as possible.
    What about your practice? Do you know everyone in your field and do you have a place where you can talk together? What not use this (ning) free resource to make a feasibility study, recruit and disseminate through here? You can also feed back directly to the Steering Committee, supporting us through the representation of your views and concerns.

As you'll be aware, we are looking to appoint a Culture Director for the city. We've placed national adverts and have started to promote the post on social media too. It would be really great if you could support us in this by sharing the call-out in your own networks, maybe by just sharing a link to this page on social media or via email to people you think could champion the sector and take us all forward.

Thanks for your time reading through this, I hope it's provoked a thought or two. Please don't forget that you can not only read the ECP Steering Committee minutes here, but also pose questions to be tabled on the agenda too.


ECP Steering Committee Vice Chair

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