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Minutes of EVAF 7 at Chapter House on Wed 5 October 2016

Hi all,

lovely to see you all.  Minutes are as I heard/understood them and with names as I could read them.  Apologies for any mistakes or any wording which might be misunderstood.  It's still a bit in note form, so I hope it is comprehensible.  Happy to correct anything I got wrong, or you can just post the corrections with any other comments in the replies.  This is the NING, so you can just copy the link and send it to your friends.

Minutes: EVAF 7 Chapter House 5 October 2016 10am – 12 noon (Thank you to Exeter Cathedral for the venue)

Attending: Stuart Crewes (Chair of EVAF), Kathy ? (Double Elephant), Ian Hennessy (Unearth Studios), Jane Roper, Elizabeth Jardine, Shane Wolfland (EVA studios), Rebecca Harris, Matthew Hammond (EVA Studios), Simon Johnson,  Jem Southam, Joy Anderson, Katya Romankevich (EOS), Richard Rochester, Kathy Norris (Spacex), Sheila Thorne, Naomi Hart , Martyn Windsor, Mark Baretto (BID), Stella Tripp, Clare Bryden, Cleo Heard, Terah Walkup, Marius Legge, Naome Glanville, Robin Doyle, Theo Chronis, Thorie Hinds.

1: AWE2016 Feedback

240 artists, 10,000 audience/contact, 1,500 hits on websites, 64,000 separate hits to other websites.

31% visitors from Exeter, rest from outside.   Social media played large part. Those who engaged well with social media got more visits and more coverage.

Problems with logging into system.

Art car boot at same time as EOS meant audience/buyers were divided.

Some of EOS thought they were not well represented within AWE –  but it was just one of the elements.

Criticisms from visitors: everything wasn’t every day. This should have been clear from the programme, but lessons need to be learned in highlighting dates and times.

Timing tight, some venues didn’t communicate because of half-term, holding back printing for everyone.

Next year: a form to fill in initially then adjustable online.

Goodwill in distribution of brochures, this is a great thing and is cheaper and more effective than paying a company to distribute.  Direct involvement from participating artists.

It took ADP (Container on Quay) to engage Spotlight, glad to talk about wider event, but with focus on something edgy.  BBC Devon, Phonic etc also covered events  (next year invite media partners to be stakeholders)

Social media, still only for some people, some still need help.  Next year AWE aims to offer help documenting and using social media for those who want it.

Spanning local/national/international/fine art/craft etc.  Some artists able to engage with other shows, not always able to because of timing with their own show.

Terah: any demographic information? Stuart: Footfall is counted, some artists gather email addresses.  This is something AWE can look at for next year?


2: AWE2017 Development* It will be 13-21 May 2017

Talking to RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) – They are hoping to programme in Cultural Conversations – whole of South West.

Next year looking at wider promotion of the event.

Looking for other ways of bringing in other events and art.

Held a strategic meeting, talked to majority of institutions in city to agree on dates.  This means all existing venues should have shows on.  . Includes both weekends to get maximum benefits.

Question was asked: Do people still want to be EOS, do they want to exhibit over 3 days or the whole 9 days?  Stuart: That is up to EOS artists.  Some who used to be with EOS became simply part of AWE – free to choose dates and type of exhibition/show/event. 


Provisional  Dates so far for AWE 2017

Sat 13th launch at RAMM of their show

Sun 14th Art Car Boot

Thurs 18th PV at Phoenix

Sun 21st Marathon on the quayside – artist in residence possibility

Artist in Residence on the buses all week?

Boat shed space.

This year didn’t have space with everyone’s work in.  For 2017 intention Awesome Art Fair – venue as information place for AWE but also exhibition/selling space?, one piece from everyone. Giant map of city with locations of artwork, Hoping to be central building, perhaps pop-up venue on High Street in empty shop.

Volunteering Programme, cultural volunteer, database of people who want to be volunteers… eg invigilating , stewarding, learn about art to disseminate, already a cultural volunteer toolkit.

Signposting and advertising.  Landtrain – performance artist as a conductor.

AWE has become a CIC (Community Interest Company)

Within next few weeks call-out to artists, sponsors, curators, producers, venues: what do you need, what are you proposing, also dates for application. 

Provisional dates are Applications in January, Brochures to be out on 13 March to give 2 months to distribute.

Ethics – RSA good ethics in arts practice – AWE is trying to uphold this.  Fine balance of funding/ethics.


Meeting agreed plans sound really exciting

Next year with Art in the street focus – Cleo has another site including underpasses for graffiti (congratulated on Exe Bridges)

Visit Exeter new brand which will launch in November (replacing Heart of Devon). 

Question: Is Open Studios still going to be last weekend? (Jane Roper)…Stuart: this is for OS artists to discuss.

AWE will hope to have public Online Google Calendar, share with EVAF

Ask Mike Krage about hosting calendar for cultural events on the NING

Question: Does the council have no interest in this? (Implied, can they not fund it? ) 

Question: Can we make the NING better?  A bit clunky, even if you know how it works or what it is.

Visit Exeter have a small budget will be developing something like this from November.  ECP rejected Artory (Plymouth model) do we know why???  Seems a shame.


Katya: is EOS still going to exist?  Stuart: OS artists need to consider and discuss that.

3: Continuing discussion on empty spaces and the potential for a pop-up gallery; development of working party:

Stuart has met with Mark from BID, meeting with Rosie Denham, ask council,

It still seems harder here than in other towns/cities

Awesome art fair in ‘Halloween shop’ for example

Jem: Spacex building now empty would be shame to lose venue.  Does anyone have ideas?  Owners thinking of selling.  Series of rooms could be used for photographic workspaces/gallery/workspaces.  Could this work here?

Kathy: not sure how much they are asking.  It was very expensive.  Jem suggests they may be open to offers? Stuart says he talked to one of the owners and suggested she join ECP to broadcast there.

4: EVAF structure and roles:

Stuart concerned as Chair of EVAF and Creative Director conflict of interest?  Does anyone mind?  EVAF beneficial, had some great meetings, seems to be a Good Thing.   Asked for offer of We don’t pay for spaces. Lot of goodwill offering space.  Need someone to find spaces.

Elizabeth Jardine, Robin, Simon Edwards to take this on (and someone else I missed?).  Thank you.

Martyn Why don’t we annually book a space?  Have 4 venues we rotate? 

Robin asked if Stuart unhappy or conflicted by continuing to be Chair?   If nobody is unhappy with Stuart he can carry on.  Stuart took this for the huge vote of support it is supposed to be and agreed.  Hurrah!

5:AOB- SOUP for AWE 

SOUP an organisation in Exeter who raise funds for projects.  At St Sidwells Centre, £5 includes a bowl of soup and a vote.  People pitch ideas, everyone votes, the winner gets all the money for their project.  AWE going to organise one,  provisional date Wed 30th November for any artist with a project for Art Week Exeter.  Could help towards match–funding.  Details out soon.


Next meeting:

Wed 7th December.  Somewhere warm.  10am-12noon.


Round the room introductions, the meeting ended at 11.45am and descended into lively conversation.


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Thanks for that, Martin.  It's always good to have the background and information from those making the decisions.  It does certainly seem like all groups are communicating and trying to move in the same direction.

As far as I'm concerned you are ALWAYS welcome to meetings. :-) 


Martin Thomas said:

Hello - Thanks for posting these notes and I've put 7 December in calendar so I can come along to the next meeting if colleagues would find that helpful. 

A couple of positives, I think:

[1] ECP is working with ECC to support the plans for Visit Exeter and the stronger marketing of the city, especially culture and creativity.  As noted Visit Exeter launches soon and I believe will make promotion of arts, culture and heritage easier and more effective.

[2] Conversations between BID, ECC and ECP are positive - I know we're all trying to get things in alignment to make things work smoothly and make the most of our resources.  We'll be discussing this more in the coming weeks.  

Re: the question above about Artory and whether to license the use of this app for Exeter - this was discussed at length by the ECP Steering Group in February where ECPSG had a presentation by colleagues from Artory explaining the costs, business model and licensing arrangements.  The discussion considered issues such as use of data, value for money, marketing the app, users spending art miles outside of Exeter, limited use to smart phones and how beneficial this app would be.. [etc] The view was that we all needed to give more consideration to the requirements in and for Exeter and how it would fit into overall communications strategy, which is a work in progress.

Partners also felt there were numerous Exeter priorities to engage with [including the emerging branding of Exeter BID; the engagement with Exeter City Futures and existing platforms like Heart of Devon] and now the emergent Visit Exeter.  Hope this helps clarify.  Good wishes, Martin 

Hi Naomi. Thanks for producing the notes from the meeting so swiftly.

Can I ask how the governance structure of the newly formed AWE CIC will operate please and will you be able to share the articles of association with us?

Best wishes. Mark.

Hi Mark,

We are registered with Companies House: Art Week Exeter CIC, so you can look up all the relevant information there.  It's all publicly available.

Best wishes,


Mark Cotton said:

Hi Naomi. Thanks for producing the notes from the meeting so swiftly.

Can I ask how the governance structure of the newly formed AWE CIC will operate please and will you be able to share the articles of association with us?

Best wishes. Mark.

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