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EVAF 10 4th July 2017 at Exeter Phoenix, Dance Studio 10.45am


Naomi Hart
Stuart Crewes
Dominic Dean
Stella Tripp
Joy Anderson
Cleo Heard
Rob MacKenzie
Clare Bryden
Tamara Savchenko
Helen Burak
Rebecca Harris
John Hartly
Christine Duff
Joseph Priestley
Fiona Lovell
Claire Binden
Catherine Cartwright (Minutes)
Alysa Freeman

1. AWE feedback - MAY 2017

Well done to everybody. I hope it went well. Quite a lot of feedback. We are still accepting feed-back. Helps for funding bids. We have to fill in forms for funding.
Overall - AWE was a success
Quite a lot of comments from some of the organisations - who said there was a real buzz in the city.
Unsolicited comments - ‘wasn’t artwork great?’
Bigger event, more happening. Created a name for Exeter, outside of the city.

Most people had visitors

AWEsome art fair - 800 people through the doors. A pop-up venue. Quite a lot of sales.
£1500 - sold through the venue.
Exeter Phoenix 11,000 through the doors - even if they didn’t go specifically to see the show, they would have been aware of the exhibition.
Cathedral visitors numbers up by 600 (to 3,000) over the 4 day installation of Stetch, not including w/shop attendees.

‘I found your brochures everywhere you seemed to have overproduced them’
- which means restocking brochures was happening

Coverage: Exeter life, Manor mag, Exeter living, Devon Life, Telegraph (Stretch in the Cathedral), Guardian listing (Juneau), A-N bloggers, VASW article, BBC spotlight (Stretch and Hope & Re-newal)

From feedback:
Mix of people - some friends, some strangers
People were coming round with the brochure in-hand
Public reaction was overwhelmingly favourable
Difficult to quantify the numbers - lack of clarity in the feedback
For some individuals it was ‘disastrous’. Quite a few people had sales. A lot of people asking about stuff for sale. Generally it was financially beneficial to those trying to make some money.
Brochure was easy to navigate - some people found it difficult. All of this AWE are working on for next year. Also with the website - to build on navigation.

Communication was sometimes a challenge. Gmail had gremlins - some people were missed accidentally, mailchimp had 50% success, website server crashed and had to be changed mid-way through the event! Small team challenges. We are trying to make that better, easier and more frequent.

Generally high level of satisfaction with the AWE team generally. 50% of people who responded gave 80% or above. Some people felt neglected and would have liked more support. It needs to reach more people, and get out to more wards in Exeter. That’s what we want to improve. To work with big organisations with big mailing lists. Outside the city centre - people find it really tir-ing to go and visit. To get people out of the city centre is challenging.

We haven’t had all the organisation feedback yet.
Cathedral feedback was really good - they had the most diverse attendance ever. The actually money coming through was up. Because they (the AWE team) had asked for people not to have to pay to see the art. Their attendance was up by 600 over four days.
Exeter Phoenix had good feedback - a ‘big buzz around the city’.

“It was amazing to have art on the street that you could actually find”
“Art that made you think.”

Really positive stuff around the pianos. Lots of people engaging with them. The only downside were for the people who work near them in the hot weather. The children under five over a whole hour… can drive you insane. Lots of engagement out there.

Claire MC
Devon Open Studios Coordinator ‘hat’: the challenges that you speak of are common to other open studies events. They’re hard to pin point. “You are being really modest, well done, I think you’ve done a grand job. Social media much stronger this year.”

Support/training events
A lot of people would be interested in an event to helping put information into the database - a lot of people would like the day for photographing and representing yourself online

2. Suggested AWE 2018 ideas from EVAF

Putting Exeter on the map nationally to get major artists to lend us an artwork for the week.

The challenge is getting publicity out further, so that regionally and nationally people can appreci-ate the excellent arts scene in Exeter. It is about supporting and working together with each other.
Open studio trail - challenge of it merging into AWE
Might have pound signs in the listing - where you can buy art
Develop the ways of ‘framing’ the Open Studios within AWE.
How to balance the spectacle versus expectation of sales.
How to do it so its beneficial for people who want to sell their work.

There will be a contract - some social media engagement/delivering brochures expected from participating artists and organisations - and what artists can expect from the AWE team.

Awesome Art Fair - continue to get it as central as possible
Art Car Boot - looking at two places. Open to how we do this.
Space booking - AWE team resources and energy were scuppered by offering to help people find space - we won’t offer this next year. We will publish a list of possible places we have worked with before. Nightmare and lost money.

Christine Duff
Organic Arts - they have a minibus to take people round studios. Local councillors have ward money - whether its worth getting groups of studios to put on an event there.

Stuart asked for any ‘Big idea/attractions’ - e.g Stretch/Hope and Renewal on Cathedral Green

3. Art Soup

Art Soup - Oct/Nov 2017 - all four people who pitched last year, made work. Hoping to made it a bigger thing - get sponsors to make it a bigger pot of money.

Rebecca - in Plymouth, the council give £500 each to two people and they get to share the pot as well.

Stuart – we’re looking into ECC funding/ using corporate sponsorship - it is minimal at the mo-ment. The people who work in those corporations benefit from the arts and culture in the city.

Strategic meeting later this month - firm up date for AWE 2018. Bigger organisations will state what’s happening. Doing a G4A (Grants for the Arts: Arts Council) for the first time this year. And doing collaborative funding bids with other organisations whose primary purpose is educa-tion/participation.

Clare Brydon - to know at sign up who is near you. To encourage people to sign up if they know others are getting involved.
Naomi - Google drive was used for volunteering stewards. Could use this for where you have de-livered brochures. Could use this for crowding sourcing events. How to better it for individuals and outliers - any suggestions?

The lack of noticeboards (CB).

Stuart - flyposting conversation with the council. Sometimes people get told off. Who’s making those decisions and where do the jurisdictions lie - i.e. for pavements/ walls/ banners
Rebecca - flyers at primary school -
Stuart - they won’t at my local primary school. Primary Times.

Stuart – wanting to work with DAISI next year on events and programmes for younger people. Ativities for younger people. Supporting other organisations or individuals to deliver work that is engaging young people

Joseph - discrepancy between the hard copy and online information. Naomi - search online via date on the search tool.

Christine - changed daily noticeboard/blackboard/flashing sign? Naomi - challenge of 70 ven-ues/daily events. Ongoing conversation about where is there a central information board.

Fiona - red coat tour? Stuart - we tried, the gatekeeper was immovable (my words). Also looking at an audio tour for next year, possibly with Phil Smith.

Helen - virtual digital tour?
John - plenty of artists with an interest in that. The larger it is the more complicated.
Naomi - instagram tour? we tried to make that happen this year
John - could be like a review
Naomi - live blogging

Rebecca - I did FB live - went round and talked about the show. And it becomes a video on my page. AWE could be a central hub that brings the videos together.
Helen - some of these ideas could be pitched to our degree level students for professional devel-opment and possibly part of their course.

4. Dawn Musgrave - not here today.

Was going to talk about international engagement. Taking work outside the UK and how benefi-cial it is to sustaining an arts practice (see item number 6)

5. Art/Culture Calendar - What’s On?

Plymouth Art Weekender - 22/24th Sept
Rebecca Harris will be at the School of Creative Arts, near KARST. Just Sat&Sun. Naomi recom-mended Rebecca Harris’s show.

Evolver prize Thelma Hulbert Gallery 8 July - 26 August

Thurs 6pm Culture & Review Show on Phonic FM - to promote critical discourse in Exeter/but with a light touch

Thursday “The Power to Create” - 6.30pm Library. University and RSA

Greenhill Open - Moretonhampstead

Devon Guild show kicks off Friday

Cake and Crit - bring cake and artwork - date to be confirmed

Kaleider lunchtime talks - this Friday - Open Fridays every week from 10-3pm

Friday 14th July KARST Plymouth Cont Open

PS45 18-23 July Art Haven exhibition

20th July Exeter Sound & Music Forum 6.30 EP workshop

Organic Arts - opportunity for making work for DOS 2017 - inspired by the 5000 books

TIPIFY at Poltimore - young people, this weekend.

National Identity Project - next weekend -outside the front of Exeter Phoenix.

MA show in Plymouth - Royal William Yard

6. Artist Development Day

With Exeter Phoenix.
To cover: representing yourself, photographing your work and sharing it, copyright and legal use of your work. International pitching.
Rebecca - happy to do a crowdfunding workshop
Clare Bryden - crowd sourcing workshop?

£5 lunch. talks in the morning, workshops in the afternoon. Dates tbc

Social Media day here at the Phoenix tomorrow - with Devon Artist Network

Next meeting date:

12 September 2017 10-12

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Thank you Catherine for these minutes

Thanks for sharing these, Polly

Is there a location for the meeting on the 12th?

For once, I might be able to get there!!



oh lawks,
we ended up booking the Chapter House for tomorrow!
My apologies Lynn. I've just seen that it was supposed to be next week, don't know how those wires got crossed.

Lynn Bailey said:

Is there a location for the meeting on the 12th?

For once, I might be able to get there!!



Let me see what I can do today

stuart crewes said:

oh lawks,
we ended up booking the Chapter House for tomorrow!
My apologies Lynn. I've just seen that it was supposed to be next week, don't know how those wires got crossed.

Lynn Bailey said:

Is there a location for the meeting on the 12th?

For once, I might be able to get there!!



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